Evidens – hvad ser ud til at virke?

Som altid må det overvejes i forhold til pædagogiske grundholdninger og værdier. Effektiv undervisning er ikke nødvendigvis god undervisning, selvom der ofte kan være sammenfald. 

Her er nogle af de resultater, der er fremhævet på Best Evidence Encyclopedia. http://www.bestevidence.org/:

Rating Program Description Contact / Website
strong evidence Curiosity Corner A comprehensive cognitive-developmental program developed by the Success for All Foundation. It aims to develop the attitudes, skills, and knowledge necessary for later school success with an emphasis on children’s language and literacy skills. E-mail: sfainfo@successforall.org
Website: www.successforall.org/ Programs/curiositycorner.html
strong evidence Direct Instruction A teacher-directed program in which specific cognitive and literacy skills are broken down into small units and taught explicitly. The main focus of the program is on basic academic concepts, such as arithmetic and reading. E-mail: info@nifdi.org
Website: www.nifdi.org
strong evidence Early Literacy and Learning Model (ELLM) A literacy-focused curriculum and support system designed for young children from low-income families. The ELLM curriculum and support system is designed to enhance existing classroom curricula by specifically focusing on children’s early literacy skills and knowledge. Website:
strong evidence Interactive Book Reading A program designed to promote the language and literacy proficiency of young children. Teachers actively engage their children in shared reading time by asking open-ended questions, encouraging them to use newly acquired vocabulary from the book, and providing opportunities to elaborate on what children read and hear. No contact information currently available.
strong evidence Let’s Begin with the Letter People A program that emphasizes early language and literacy development through play. In addition to classroom teaching, the program has a strong home/parent component. Website: www.abramslearningtrends.com/
strong evidence Ready Set Leap! A comprehensive preschool curriculum which combines literacy-focused instructional approaches with multisensory technology. The program stresses the importance of experiential learning, social and emotional development, teacher-child relationships, and home-school connections. Website:
Moderate Evidence of Effectiveness
Rating Program Description Contact / Website
moderate evidence Breakthrough to Literacy A systematic and integrated literacy and language program which aims to promote language development and literacy skills among preschool children. The program uses systematic, direct instruction built around a series of weekly books in the classroom. Website: www.breakthroughtoliteracy.com
moderate evidence Bright Beginnings An integrated curriculum with a focus on language and early literacy. The curriculum goals are to provide a child-centered, literacy-focused program that is consistent, and to include instruction that addresses the needs of the whole child. Website: www.cms.k12.nc.us/ cmsdepartments/ci/pre-kservices/ Pages/default.aspx
moderate evidence PreK Mathematics Plus DLM Software PreK Mathematics is a supplemental curriculum designed to develop informal mathematical knowledge and skills in preschool children with content organized in seven units. The DLM Early Childhood Express Math software includes 26 numerical, quantitative, geometric, and spatial activities. E-mail: SEG_customerservice@mcgrawhill.com
moderate evidence DLM Express plus Open Court The DLM Early Childhood Express Program is a comprehensive curriculum, designed to promote children’s social, emotional, intellectual, aesthetic, and physical development. Open Court Reading Pre-K contains eight thematic units that address children’s identity, families, friends, social interactions, transportation, the physical senses, nature, and transitions. Website: www.sraonline.com/oc_home.html
moderate evidence Project Approach A set of teaching strategies that enables teachers to guide children through in-depth investigations of real world topics. The curriculum is designed to use children’s interests as the starting point for organizing and developing classroom learning activities. Website: www.projectapproach.org

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