Nyt fra What Works Clearinghouse.

To rapporter. 1)  Læsning og skrivning med henblik på voksnes kompetencer og 2 ) Udvikling af sociale kompetencer hos børn med følelsesmæssige forstyrrelser.

Visit the What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) website now for the newest reports in literacy and in special needs. These reports focus on student team reading and writing programs for improving adolescent literacy and The Incredible Years, a program designed for children with challenging behaviors. (Mine fremhævninger)

Student team reading and writing is an integrated approach to reading and language arts for young adolescents. The program includes cooperative learning classroom processes that integrate reading, writing, and language arts instruction combined with a literature anthology for high-interest reading material. The WWC reviewed four studies that investigated the effects of student team reading and writing programs on improving adolescent literacy. Two studies were quasi-experimental designs that meet WWC evidence standards with reservations. The first study examined 3,986 students in five schools, and the second looked at 1,223 students in six schools in urban districts in Maryland. Based on these two studies, the WWC found student team reading and writing programs to have potentially positive effects on comprehension and no discernible effects on general literacy achievement for adolescent learners. Read the full report now at

The Incredible Years is a program that focuses on building the social and emotional skills of children ages 0–12 who are classified as having an emotional disturbance or those at risk for classification. Lessons cover recognizing and understanding feelings, getting along with friends, anger management, problem solving, and behavior at school. Parents are given training on how to provide positive discipline, promote learning and development, and stay involved in children’s lives at school. The WWC reviewed 81 studies that investigated the effects of The Incredible Years on children. One study meets WWC evidence standards, a randomized controlled trial that included 51 students at the University of Washington Parenting Clinic. Based on this study, the WWC found The Incredible Years to have potentially positive effects on external behavior and social outcomes for children classified as having an emotional disturbance. Read the full report now at

To see other WWC reports, go to http://whatworks.ed.gov today and browse our topics. As the WWC continues its work to connect educators with the tools needed to make informed decisions, visit our website often and check your inbox for updates and new releases throughout the year.

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