Journeys toward Becoming a Teacher 2010

Teacher Education Quarterly, v37 n2 p69-95 Spr 2010

 Personal author, compiler, or editor name(s); click on any author to run a new search on that name. Jarvis-Selinger, SandraPratt, Dan D.Collins, John B.

Teacher education programs challenge students’ beliefs about teaching and learning in hope of creating a pedagogical awareness that will inform teaching practices and guide the professional transformation from student to teacher. The process of becoming a teacher is referred to variously as teacher development, professional growth and development, identity development/construction, and/or learning to teach. Reviews of teacher development literature have illustrated the complexity involved in this developmental journey. The authors studied 23 students involved in a one-year teacher education program and examined their identity changes and commitment to teaching. They were interested in how students’ beliefs and orientations influenced their evolving identity and commitment to teaching. In order to better understand participants’ journey, discussions of teacher identity and commitment became the underlying constructs to help tell their stories. This research enables the development of a model of teacher identity and commitment over the course of a teacher education program. Findings related to how the participants’ journeys unfolded are presented. The findings can be used by teacher education programs to support, challenge, build, and enhance teachers’ developing professional identity and commitment to teaching. (Contains 7 figures and 1 table.)

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