John Abbott – Cognitive apprenticeship

“What is Cognitive Apprenticeship?

Cognitive Apprenticeship is a method of teaching aimed primarily at teaching the processes that experts use to handle complex tasks. The focus of this learning-through-guided-experience is on cognitive and metacognitive skills, rather than on the physical skills and processes of traditional apprenticeships. Applying apprenticeship methods to what are largely cognitive skills requires the externalization of processes that are usually carried out internally. Therefore, the thinking and reflection have to be out loud. Observing the processes by which an expert thinks and practices her skills can teach students to learn on their own more skillfully

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Bøger: Overschooled but Undereducated, by John Abbott and Heather MacTaggart, was published in November, 2009.

The unfinished revolution: learning, human behavior…2001 findes på Google books:


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