Evidence-Based Narratives to Reconcile Teaching Practices in Academic Disciplines with the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 2010


Direkte link: https://www.iupui.edu/~josotl/archive/vol_10/no_3/v10n3quinnell.pdf

Evidence-based narratives to reconcile teaching practices in

academic disciplines with the scholarship of teaching and learning

Rosanne Quinnell

1,2, Carol Russell2, Rachel Thompson2, Nancy Marshall2 and Jill Cowley2 

Abstract: Connecting discipline scholars with the scholarship of teaching and

learning (SoTL) is accepted as an essential part of professional academic

practice across the higher education sector irrespective of discipline. To connect

meaningfully with teaching practice, SoTL needs to be translated by the discipline

scholar and narratives related to the discipline context constructed. Previous

work on disciplinary diversity suggests that there is a need to take a more

grounded approach to the development of discipline-based educational

scholarship. How SoTL is defined is critical to how SoTL is interpreted within

discipline contexts and some of the numerous models and definitions of SoTL

transcend disciplinary boundaries, but there is no single agreed definition of what

is meant by SoTL. This paper reviews some of the models of scholarly teaching

and raises some questions about how the links between pedagogical theory and

discipline teaching practice are made by discipline scholars. We advocate that by

providing discipline scholars with ways to map and then collectively view their

practices within disciplines that this is likely to provide information essential for

exploring SoTL in each discipline and reconciling SoTL with academic


Keywords: scholarly

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